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Quality Management System

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) operates a Quality Management System that is certified by BSI to ISO 9001:2008.

The scope of MHL's certification comprises:

''Provision of specialist environmental services of water environments ranging from rivers, estuaries and coastal waters to urban drainage and sewer systems. Services include investigations and advice pertaining to ports, harbours, marinas and breakwaters; oceanography; maritime and coastal structures; beach erosion and foreshore protection; rivers, estuaries, flood plains; dams, water supply and wastewater systems; outfalls and stormwater; fishways, open channels and irrigation systems. Installation and maintenance of environmental monitoring instrumentation, enabling real-time data capture, internet based information dissemination, analysis, warning and predictive modelling of oceanographic, meteorological, hydrological and hydraulic systems.''

These services are associated with the planning, investigation, design, documentation, development, procurement, construction, commissioning, asset management and maintenance of natural and built assets and infrastructure for the State of NSW and other clients.

Within this system a Project Quality Plan (PQP) is established and maintained for each project which describes the specific structure and quality control system for that commission. The PQP is maintained by the Project Manager and includes project specific procedures and quality/performance milestones that are audited and verified over the course of the project.

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For further information regarding MHL's QA system contact the Quality Coordinator or the The Director, MHL.

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Beta release

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MHL's Flood and Coastal Intelligence Tool (MHLFIT) Public version is being launched as a beta version for testing. The system provides visualisation of real-time data for the NSW coast. Ask us if you would like a quote to provide a customised MHLFIT web portal that provides real-time flood and coastal modelling in your area. Please provide us with feedback. click to preview »»

NSW Waves

The Nearshore Wave Transform Toolbox uses numerical model results to transform measure and forecast offshore wave conditions to over 14,000 nearshore wave locations along the entire NSW coast. Estimated nearshore wave conditions are forecast for up to 3 days ahead.
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