Sydney Predicted Tide

The following tidal prediction for Sydney is based on data from the Sydney Middle Head tide gauge. Predicted tidal levels for other New South Wales ocean locations will vary from those at Sydney although, in general, the variation will not be more than 0.2 metres. The maximum time difference for other NSW coastal ports is up to 10 minutes. The actual tide may differ from the predicted tide due to meteorological and oceanographic conditions. Zero on the tide charts is approximately Indian Springs Low Water. The information given in the prediction is in the nature of a general guide only and should not be relied upon in any critical situation, nor used for navigation.

Data similar to this and much more generally useful information is published in the NSW Tide Charts.

Note: All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time, add one hour during the daylight saving period.

Important: These predictions have been generated from data recorded by MHL and are NOT the official tide predictions for Sydney and should not be used for navigational purposes.