NSW Offshore Sea Surface Temperature

The sea surface temperature data presented online by MHL has been collected under the NSW Coastal Data Network Program managed by the Climate Change and Sustainability Division, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (OEH)). For more information on coasts, estuaries and floods visit: environment.nsw.gov,au.
The Waverider buoys deployed off the NSW coast continuously record sea surface temperature. A thermistor mounted at the base of the buoy measures the sea temperature approximately 0.5 metres below the water surface. Given that buoys are moored at least 6 kilometres from the shoreline, the sea surface temperature measured by the buoy will not necessarily be the same as at the shoreline. Local currents and other oceanographic phenomena, such as upwelling of cooler water from deeper offshore, can influence the sea temperature at the shoreline.

NSW Offshore Sea Surface Temperature Stations