Macleay River Rainfall & River Level

Flood Information

Water level and rainfall stations can provide early warning of a flood risk, allowing action such as road closures, flood proofing or even evacuation to be taken, thus alleviating the possibility of injury and damage.

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Flood Information & Related Links

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Kempsey Flood Links

In times of life threatening emergency contact Police

Listen to ABC Mid North Coast on either 684 AM, 92.3 FM or 95.5 FM
For help in storms and flooding contact
(NSW State Emergency Services)

Bureau of Meteorology

Flash Flooding

When flash flooding is likely, leave low-lying homes and businesses well before flash flooding begins. Evacuation is the best action to take, but only if it is safe to do so.

If you are trapped by rising floodwater, seek refuge in the highest part of a sturdy building. Stay there and call '000' (triple zero) if you need rescue.

Look out for severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall - ie 70mm of rain in 3 hours. That's about 20mm in 1 hour. Keep an eye out on your local rain gauge for this.