BCD Reports

OEH NSW Tidal Planes 1990-2010 Harmonic Analysis "This report presents tidal plane analysis and tidal phase analysis calculated from data collected by Manly Hydraulics Laboratory on behalf of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage from automatic water level monitoring stations along the coast of NSW. Tidal planes, tidal ranges and constituent amplitude and phases are presented for a period of 20 individual years from 1 July 1990 to 30 June 2010 inclusive."

"OEH NSW WATER LEVEL FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION ANALYSIS" This report has been prepared by Manly Hydraulics Laboratory for the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, and presents the details and findings of a study into water level frequency distribution of 235 tidal monitoring stations that are part of the NSW coastal data network.

"TIDE GAUGE HISTORIES METADATA FOR NATIONAL AND NSW TIDE GAUGES" "This report presents the metadata for both the national and NSW tide gauges, together with preliminary data checks and details of information uncovered from archival sources during the investigation."

Review of NSW OEH automatic water level recorder network This report presents concise metadata details of each water level station involved in the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage program along the east coast of NSW.

NSW Estuaries Salinity Data Compilation 1992 to 2011 This report presents a compilation of data collected by Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) between 1992 and 2011, primarily as part of the NSW Estuary Baseline Data Program.

IMPORTANT: This information has been recovered directly from automatic recording equipment and may not be quality controlled by MHL. All times are recorded in Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10:00).
All public data is collected and presented on behalf of the Climate Change and Sustainability Division of Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.